Tensegrity (ten-seg'-ri-tee): a contraction of “tension” and “integrity

Coined by Buckminster Fuller, describes an architectural approach in which a small number of elements are intelligently organized to create a structure embodying simplicity, balance, and strength with maximum efficiency and economy. The tensegrity concept reflects the founding principles of our law firm, in which the talents and experience of a small number of attorneys are combined to create strong and efficient litigation teams.

Fee Arrangements

We offer the same world-class legal representation for which Matt Powers and his trial teams are known under fee structures that reward results and incentivize economy. We believe the traditional hourly billing model does not foster incentives that are in the best interest of clients or their lawyers, and are thus no longer suitable for large and complex litigations.

Consistent with its founding principles of simplicity, strength, and efficiency, Tensegrity Law Group offers billing arrangements tailored to each case and client, typically including contingent fees, fixed fees, or hybrids of the two. Tensegrity specializes in patent enforcement and monetization, high value defense matters, engagements to replace or supplement trial counsel, and appellate representations.